La Traviata

In G. Verdi’s work La Traviata, Oper(O) had to deal a major opera question: the juxtaposition of a weak libretto meant for the musical theater with a great music. In their attempt to tackle the issue, they created a performance based on the dialogue between the image (video), the movement of the actors/singers and the music, leaving the libretto in the background. The drama unfolded in the three main characters (Violetta Valéry, Alfredo Germond, Giorgio Germond) while the remaining cast formed a chorus. Oper(O) confined themselves to giving the central elements of the plot, using video and motion to highlight emotions and the work’s atmosphere.



Arrangement - Orchestration:

Nikoleta Chatzopoulou


Pavlos Sergiou

Set Design & Video:

Manolis Zacharioudakis,Manolis Charos


Maria Adamopoulou

Costume Design:

Franca Papandreou

With the participation of ΑΣΟΝ Athens Youth Music Orchestra:

Marialena Karagianni, Kostis Karitzis, Yanna Karagianni, Kostas Tzekos, Aggelos Mihail


Violetta Valéry

Myrsini Margariti, Lito Messini

Alfredo Germont

Dimitris Paksoglou

Giorgio Germont

Nikos Karagkiaouris


Erifili Giannakopoulou, Vasia Zacharopoulou, Grigoris Pyrialakos, Eleni Sotiriou, Giorgos Tziouvaras, Lefteris Charellis

Imagine opera without conventions and pre-requisites, to be enjoyed while drinking a pint of beer and having a cigarette under the sky of Attica. Great voices and youthful momentum, all away from the practices of bored professionals of this kind. Imagine opera full of joy where nothing is stern or stiff

I. Agiannidis, Ta Nea, 22/7/10

Full of enthusiasm, economy of means, sharp sense of music and drama, clarity of goals and consistency, it freed the work from its worn-out historic and anecdotal baggage, offering the pure dramatic and musical values of Verdi’s masterpiece to a rather non-traditional opera audience[…] At the end of the two-hour show we came out to the recently cultural Peiraios Avenue, carrying that rare lightness that only art in its most intelligent, and liberating expression can bring

G. Svolos. Eleftherotypia, 27/7/10

Tinos turned into a little ….Scala of Milan, filled with the melodies of Verdi. You could hear a pin drop in the small picturesque piazza which itself looked like a natural set. […] The talented Oper(O), performed Traviata keeping respectfully close to the original of its creator adding a pinch of humor.

G. Vidalis, Eleftherotypia