Focusing on the tragicomic events in the life of an old-fashioned, touring opera company, Oper(O) wanted to overthrow the prevalent stereotypes surrounding opera, the heavy costumes, the outdated acting, the classic-styled and sterile direction through their excessive use. Oper(O) aimed to show that there are other, more diverse ways of interpreting the great classics of opera. By writing an original play designed to demolish the pomposity in with which opera is presented and expressing what they believe is the true essence of the genre.

The plot

A “Comedia dell’arte” –kind of theater company tours Greece performing opera. Isodoros, the impresario and main character of the story, has inherited from his tamer grandfather a great number of ‘piazzas’, that ie. squares where the police are spoken to so as to not to cause any hindrances. For his love of singing and being a tenor himself, he changes the nature of the ‘business’ and turns it from circus into a guerilla opera. He has with him soprano Dora, diva mezzo-soprano Circe, a deaf pianist, Gabriel the baritone and a ‘wizard’, called Oz, who wants to be hired to perform illusionist acts in between the opera scenes and who follows them frantically to every square. They all perform ‘alternative’ operas under the direction of Isidoros, considering themselves to be part of an artistic revolution, despite their obvious lack of talent.

‘Floor Manager’ is an odd child, called sarcastically Fiammifero (Italian for lighting match) by everyone. In one of the squares the group finds the soprano dead. Cause of death? Unknown. It looks like murder. Who’s done it? Why? And what about the shows?

Written by:

Margarita Gerogianni, Irini Georgalaki


Margarita Gerogianni

Assistant Director:

Irini Georgalaki

Arrangement - Orchestration:

Yorgos Ziavras, Nikos Galenianos


Yorgos Ziavras

Set Design:

Manolis Charos

Costume Design:

Franka Papandreou



Erifili Giannakopoulou


Dimitris Paksoglou


Constantinos Rafailidis


Irini Georgalaki


Costas Petrou



Yaroslav Tokarev


Yorgos Ziavras


Elli Vasilatou


Martha Papadogiannis


Panayiotis Coliavassilis

This downshifting of lyric theatre from its natural convention-filled environment to the street is the ace up Oper(O)’s sleeve. It is to their credit that they manage to achieve this without resorting to improvisations and easy ways[…] In conclusion Oper(O) is made up of very talented members and stand out from the several new groups that occasionally spring up, 25.08.2011